Manage Accounts & License Keys
License Key Not Working

What to do if License Key doesn't work?

Recover License Key Tool

If you think you're using an incorrect license key, use the Recover License Key Tool (opens in a new tab).

This tool will send you an active license key to the corresponding email.

If you don't recieve an email with the license key,

  • It could be possible payment issue. If a payment fails, the account is cancelled and a new one must be purchased.
  • If you change your purchase email and the key stops working, please email with your purchase email and updated email address.

Connection Error

If TimeBolt is throwing the 'Connection Error' message, see Connection Error Issue.

Blocked By Firewall Error

If TimeBolt is throwing the 'Blocked By Firewall' message, see Blocked By Firewall Issue.

Other Possibilities

This is not an exhaustive list.

  • There have been instances where the user clicked the 'Continue For Free' button even after entering the license key, instead of the 'Verify' button.