Feature Guide


Record your screen and webcam with TimeBolt Capture.

Note: Allow Permissions when Capture is first opened for Screen, Microphone, and Camera.

How to use Capture

  1. Click the blue Camera icon to open Capture tool.
  2. Record as QUICK or HD file size. Do you want a 3 min video that’s 30 megs to link, email, or upload to slack; or 300 megs for YouTube?
  3. Select screen, video, and audio source.
  4. Click 'Start Recording'.
  5. After you hit 'Stop Recording', save the recorded file in your desired location.
  6. Capture will optimize this file before saving and then auto-kick it into the main TimeBolt app.

Camera Viewport

The Camera Viewport apprears as a thumbnail on your screen. If you have multiple screen, it will appear on the screen that is currently set in Capture.

Here's what you can do with it,

  1. Drag the thumbnail around the screen with your mouse.
  2. Change size by pulling the edges vertically or horizontally.
  3. Go full screen by clicking on the 'Full-screen' icon at the bottom right.

System Audio

If you're on Windows, TimeBolt Capture records system audio by default without any extra set-up.

On Mac, you'll need an external program like Sceenflick Loopback etc. and create an Aggregate Device for audio input with System Audio included. The Aggregate Device can then be selected in TimeBolt Capture to record system audio in a video.