Feature Guide

Send a Banger

A Banger is an unlisted watchable video in a link, published faster than it takes to record.

How to send a Banger

  1. Record with Capture in TimeBolt using Standard Quality.
  2. Save Captured Video.
  3. Click on the button next to 'Export Video' labeled 'Upload Video To Unlisted Link'.

Once the video is uploaded, you'll see a pop-up with the link. From here, you can either click on the 'Copy' icon to copy the link to your clipboard or click on the link to open the video in your browser.

Viewing a Banger

On the Banger webpage, you'll see the uploaded video along with the view count.

About Banger

The video is uploaded to an unlisted link, which means that it is publicly available to to anyone who has the link but is almost impossible to discover if not.

The usage of this feature is intended for quick video messaging and not for hosting videos permanently.

All Banger videos are deleted for good within 30-days of upload and TimeBolt Support won't be able to recover them.

Free vs Paid

Banger is available for use with the Free Version of TimeBolt with file length limited to 4 minutes and an added watermark.

File length limits are increased to 12 minutes with the Monthly / Annual Subscription Version.

Banger is not supported on TimeBolt Lifetime Licenses as it requires on-going cloud services.

An active Monthly / Annual Subscription is required to send a Banger.

HDR Video Support

To make sure HDR videos play in the browser with correct colors in the browser, make sure Graphics Acceleration in the browser is turned on.

To turn on Graphics Acceleration,

  1. Open Settings in the browser.
  2. Click on System in the side-bar.
  3. Turn on "Use graphics acceleration when available".
  4. Restart browser.