Common File Processing Issues
Error occurs when opening a file on Windows

Error occurs when opening a file on Windows

Possible Causes

Folder Protection

Windows may institute folder protection which would prevent TimeBolt from accessing certain folder ex. Documents folder.

Please watch the following video from 1:31 to learn how to allow TimeBolt access.

Low Disk Space

TimeBolt requires disk space equivalent to at least 2x of the file size you wish to process. For ex. If your file is 2 Gb, you'll need 4 Gb free space on disk. Here, we're referring to the specific disk which contains the Scratch Directory.

See Scratch Directory [TODO].

Incorrect Installation

Just in case, if you want to start the process from the beginning.

  1. Uninstall TimeBolt.
  2. Delete the following folders from Documents folder.
    1. TimeBoltData
    2. TimeBoltScratchPath
  3. Empty Trash
  4. Restart
  5. Re-install TimeBolt from from here (opens in a new tab).