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Export XML Sequence

Export XML Sequence | Premiere Pro

TimeBolt's XML Sequence Export for Premiere Pro is a variation of the regular XML Export.

How to use

XML Sequence Export works in the exact same way as the regular XML Export. The only difference is that you click on the 'XML Sequence' button rather than 'XML' button. Once the exported xml file is generated, you can import it into the Premiere Pro media pool.

Once the xml file is imported in Premiere Pro, the media pool will be populated with three items.

  1. Source file
  2. Top-level Sequence (Actual Cuts)
  3. Source Sequence (Sequence with source file)

The Top-level Sequence is actually created from the Seqeuence with the source file. This means that any video or audio file that you add to the source file sequence will also appear cut up in the Top-level Sequence.

Common Use-case

The most common use-case for TimeBolt's XML Sequence Export for Premiere Pro is to deal with projects where the audio and video are recorded in separate files. Let's see how this works.

  1. Open up with file with High-quality audio in TimeBolt and get the cuts.
    • Usually, this is the audio file.
  2. Export 'XML Sequence' from TimeBolt.
  3. Import 'XML Sequence' file in Premiere Pro media pool.
    • Note: Three new items should be available in media pool including source file.
  4. Open up Sequence which contains the source file.
    • Note: When you're opening up a sequence in Premiere Pro, DO NOT drag the sequence into the Timeline as this will create a new Sequence. You have to open up the Sequence as you would open up a file ex. by double clicking on it.
  5. Add your other file(s) to this Sequence and close it.
    • Note: You might need to sync these all these files. Also, make sure that original source file always starts at zero. You can trim the other files if they're longer on either side.

Now, when you open up the Top-level sequence with the cuts you'll see all of your media synced and ready to go.

You can also mute / turn off video from certain tracks in the source sequence.

Multi-cam Editing with TimeBolt XML Sequence in Premiere Pro

The XML Sequence feature can also be used to edit multi-cam projects. This is a much faster way than the alternative which is with the TimeBolt Extension.

The only downside is the set-up is slightly more complex - but if mastered, the speed to get to edited timeline is unparalleled.

Here is a screen recording of a video call with a customer detailing the set-up for such a project.