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When you export XML from TimeBolt into Premiere or DaVinci Resolve, the audio drifts out of sync. 

The problem is the recording is a variable frame rate file, not constant frame rate. To fix your existing file, we recommend reencoding with Handbrake to a CFR recording. It’s a lot easier just to fix the issue, and adjust how you record for the next video.

For future recordings make sure ‘Enable for 3rd Party Editor’ option is selected in Zoom settings to record in CFR. Problem solved! Read How to Edit Zoom video blog.

The only way to tell if your file is VFR is to click XML export in TimeBolt, look at the file name, at the end there is a number. If the number is some weird unknown integer you know it’s a VFR file. 

For example in this photo the file name extension shows a frame rate of 45000. Not the typical 30/60 fps.