When I render a Zoom or PowerPoint recording in TimeBolt the audio drifts out of sync. 

The problem is the video is recorded at a variable frame rate (VFR) instead of constant frame rate (CFR). 

  1. To fix your existing file re-encod with Handbrake to a CFR recording. It’s a lot easier just to fix the issue, and adjust how you record for the next video. 

Use these settings in Handbrake for continuous frame rate. 

  1. Next time you record:


Go to Zoom preferences, click ‘Enable 3rd Party Editor’ option in Zoom settings. Your next video will record as constant frame rate, and fix any issues you’re having now in TimeBolt. 


Use TimeBolt’s capture program to record PowerPoint slides. (Found in the blue camera circle icon on the left side of the software.) After you save the video auto pushes into TimeBolt for you to rapidly edit. This is how: