I get an Error Message when rendering in TimeBolt.

Four possible causes:

  1. Not enough disk space. Leading cause. 

  1. You installed Apple Silicon on a MAC Intel machine 

  1. You have a PC and ‘Render with CUDA GPU’ is selected in TimeBolt settings. Un-check and retry.

  1. If not a PC, plenty of disc space, and TimeBolt has worked for you in the past, try a fresh install in this order:

• Delete program

• Delete folders Documents → TimeBoltData & TimeBoltScratchPath

• Empty trash

• Restart

• Reinstall TimeBolt here

If you have able disc space, open a support ticket and send us the file

Document → TimeBoltData → event_log.txt, along with the problem raw video file for us to test. 

To capture your workflow and record your screen, use the TimeBolt capture program. 

Select ‘fast’ for a low file size that’s easy to upload to an open link and email.