95% of all issues can be solved in these

5 categories:

  1. Manage Account

  1. Can TimeBolt process your file?

  1. Can you export to a format you want?

  1. What else can TimeBolt do?



I can’t get the ZXP installer to work. 

Use the exact installer recommended here or the zxp will not install properly. You cannot use another installer other than the one recommended. 

Still not working? Note the AEScripts ZXP Installer is a stand alone program from the AE Scripts Plugin Manager.

The TimeBolt extension shows in Premiere, but nothing happens when I click it.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Premiere extension for WIN & MAC

  1. Then do a fresh install of TimeBolt. Follow these exact instructions or TimeBolt will not fully uninstall:

• Delete program

• Delete folders Documents → TimeBoltData & TimeBoltScratchPath

• Empty trash

• Restart

• Reinstall TimeBolt here